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Member-Member Tee Times

2020 Member/Member

Land-O-Lakes Golf Club

Round 2 - Sun, June 27

Tee #1

1:00 PM 

Parks Godwin

Travis Boswell

Kelly Hoffman

Kendall Boyette


Tee #1

1:10 PM 

Gordon Graham

Emery White

Dean Simmons

Mike Waddell


Tee #1

1:20 PM 

Edwin Skipper

Delane Skipper

Matt Gore

Joey Gore


Tee #1

1:30 PM 

Lagrande Russell

Ashley Barnhill

Landon Rising

Marcus Rising


Tee #1

1:40 PM 

Don Britt

Joey Schultz

Travis Thompson

Kayla Thompson


Tee #1

1:50 PM

Wilber Simmons

James Simmons

Kenny Stanley

Rob Conway


Tee #10 

1:00 PM

David Stevens

Taylor Stevens

Ricky Williams

John Combs


Tee #10 

1:10 PM 

Tim Nobles

James Hammond

Nate Gore

Dawson Heath


Tee #10 

1:20 PM

Benson Phillips

Sammy Davis

Jeff Hughes

Stephen Cain


Tee #10 

1:30 PM 

Stephen Blackwell

Bankey Blackwell

Gary Bass

Lewis Sauls


Tee #10 

1:40 PM 

Bobby Winebarger

Jeff Nobles

Jamie Phillips

Daniel West


Tee #1

1:50 PM 

Anthony Bailey

Tom Taylor

Trevor Sellers

Jason Young


Tee #10

2:00 PM

Pierre Muldermans

Kathee Muldermans

Wendy Foster

Dawn Carlson

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